Doesn’t copper(bronze and brass too) turn your skin green? 

Nope, not everyone! I have sold my copper (bronze and brass are both alloys with a high percentage of copper) bracelets to many people who haven’t had the green reaction. My husband goes green, but it’s really no big deal. The green washes off easily. If you are one who gets the reaction, let me know when you place your order and I can add a clear coat to your bracelet to prevent that reaction. It will eventually wear off, but you can slap a coat of clear nail polish on it to continue the protection.

Can you do custom orders? 

Custom orders are my favorite!! Send me a message and together we can design your perfect gift!

I’m trying to find the perfect anniversary gift- can you help me? 

Of course! Anniversary’s are my speciality.

Copper is the metal for the 7th and 22nd wedding anniversary.

Brass is the metal for the 21st anniversary.

Aluminum is for the 10th anniversary.

Bronze is the metal for the 8th and 19th anniversary. 

I have tally bracelets for each of these, and can give you the perfect gift with your personalization on the inside. 

Where countries do you ship to?

I ship worldwide. Shipping in the US generally takes between 2-6 business days from when I drop your item off at the post office. International shipping items vary depending on your country and customs. It can take anywhere from a week to seven weeks or more to get to you. Once I hand off your order to the post office, it is no longer in my control. VAT and customs charges are the responsibility of the customer and not something I have any control over. Items purchased can not be listed as a gift to avoid those charges.